Hello again, my neglected friends.

We are at a precipices of another summer come and gone. These are my words to help decipher my riddle to the thing we call life.

The golden bear is coming back to birth after 45 days gone traveling. For those who don’t know the golden bear is the flagship of the California State University system. An instrument of good will and tuition greed. One of the kneel haulers who won’t be on it is Brad Foster (CSUM 15) Global studies. His story ends. His story of the loving wife and daughter he left behind…

Hello, I hope that you’ve been well.

I have been well.

As the seconds pass I realize that I am nothing more than a passenger on this thing we call life. We all are passengers. It is the nature of life. Yes we can solve the great conundrum of being just a passing being on the nature of life.

The conundrum of life is it your experience, and no one else can define it for you. Well yes they can in the instance of your part you play. This is the first entry since I don’t know when, I would…

Fitness is a lifelong pursuit because it helps make your life long.

What’s amazing is we are actually at a wonderful time in terms of history of physical fitness. CrossFit is twenty one years old and Greg Glassman put focus on work capacity versus age.

Wonder if he knew he could do that?

Meaning if you are more able when you are younger you will maintain that ability longer. Lifting grandkids for example. From my experience in CrossFit the culminative full body fitness approach is beneficial. Pair that with the comradery of the share suck of grueling work out, CrossFit helps a lot of people. Yet, that does…

As we age.
We lose the ability to take the stage.
Then our verse gets lost from the page.
Who will sing your song?
When you have been gone long?
Now is the time when you are strong.
Frivolous and distractions filled.
Be strong and your determination willed.
Day one is tough have to start to be skilled.
If no action is taken.
Your message will be forsaken.
Or your deeds mistaken.
No one knows the cross your bare.
Far from the top, take the stairs.
Take the lift, but beware.
Shortcuts are efficient.
But the lesson is deficient.
Regrets and other thoughts reminiscent.
Weaker than tomorrow.
Wait now on time borrow…

How many are dying of thirst.
While never being the first.
When others fail
You leave the trail.
Hear fools cast doubt.
One can choose own route.
See heroes fall.
Then you answer the call.
Feel the warmth fade.
That’s when destiny is made.
Success is a hunger.
Holdfast awhile longer.
Watch as cities burn.
Now it is your turn.
Touch the wronged.
Loved is longed.
Run when you have to.
Walk when your aim is true.
Crawl until you are through.
Sing songs of grandeur.
Let life be your chauffeur.
Make your mark.
Press it stark.
Breath in your fate.
Lay with your mate.
Create peace when others fight.
Destroy the false keep the right.
Naked aggression, with late…

“I haven’t done this in a while, but damn I need that cigarette.” She spoke to me in between panicked breaths.

I ran my hand down my coat pocket and felt the box which I consumed my cancer. Pulled out the pack and flipped the lid. My last lucky cigarette. Must be fate I laughed to myself. As I held the box out to her she kept glancing over her shoulder. First when I accepted her plea, second when she brought the smoke to her lips and once more when I lit it for her.

“Something the matter?” I asked.

We are nothing but grains of sand, waiting to be washed by the surf.

Hello and Good Bye 2020.

What a year you have been!

The good the bad the ugly let’s talk about you.

As a whole seemed like there was a lot of suffering through you, yet for me I had plenty of smiles to be shared.

Does that mean I was with out hardships?


I felt the loneliness of quarantine, the hopelessness of empty shelves, the numbness of inhuman people.

What if like the government was using 2020 as a warning?

Like what if they were testing our behavior as society in a crisis?

I mean for fuck sake the…

Thank you.

I might take too little opportunities to say just that.

Thank you.

Thank you to those who give me their time and let me fill it with nonsense.

You have my gratitude and my affection.

Thomas Edison had a son who he nick named “Dash” Because ole tommie boy loved Morris code so much. Also this prodigal son was named after his father’s namesake. Thomas Edison Jr. Thomas Alva Edison Sr. would bemoan naming his son that throughout each other’s lives.

The point of this is to illustrate the value of creative capitalistic people, and to give an…

Hello and Good Bye 2020.

You’ve been a year no doubt. In many ways pulling the rug out from under people.

Something is better than nothing.

I have been on medium for four years now. Four years of throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. I’ve looked back at some of my writing and most of it I forgot about. The times I tried to rhyme with poetry. Or the attempts at being motivational when I wasn’t that motivational myself. Others may call you a phony, but you have to believe to achieve. …

Do something. Something is better than nothing.

SO here we go.

This will be a situation update for me.

Things are…….

Pretty exciting, pretty amazing. Yes, there is some gloom on the horizon. Yet, for me individually life feels pretty satisfying.

I’ve spoken so candidly in the past. Yet, now I know there are some eyes watching my words. It’s humbling and I am filled with gratitude for those who take time out of their day to read what I have to say.

I am not sure who to attribute this quote to, I want to say Kurt Vonnegut, but…


A writer of futurist stories. Self Improvement Disciple, Dreamtrapreneur, Rephraser of podcast knowledge:

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