We are our thoughts.

Or are we?

It seems the context of what we drum up in our heads dictates the reality.

Let me lounge around, stare at the little holes in the suspended ceiling tiles, and I can think I am rather useless.


Place people in your surroundings and that little voice complaining about you won’t be as loud.

Actions over words, and social versus isolation.


You are who you spend the most time with.

A network is networth.

But, you can’t be affluent by association.

If that were true, every one of us who uses Microsoft would have more jingle in their pockets.

What association does is create opportunities for action. What you do with that potential is dependent on you.

I heard that in the City of Angeles, it is very cut throat. That attitude is prevalent because there is no chill. It is you are on the grind, or you are not. (Taken from a vice article closing commentary from 2015. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/5gjgdb/everyone-in-san-francisco-hates-los-angeles-600)

Epidemiology studies the spread of diseases. One way for an ailment to spread quickly is to keep people in proximity to each other. Wonder if the same can be said about mindset.

This is why role models and mentors are ever so important.

Ironically if asked if I have a mentor I would promptly say “Hell Nah man!”

A limiting belief transposed from my runabouts as a pedal powered bike gang member.

What do you do when the things you prescribe don’t adhere to your actions.

I find it comical the health care professional who smokes, yet condemns those who do.

Addiction is a whole other topic, but being condescending will get you nowhere.

Years from now, when these words are rediscovered wonder what they will be interpreted as?

I can’t tell you at the moment. I am just as lost as you are.

However, better out than in. I also appreciate the challenge. It is fun to be the outlier. Let your weirdness shine. I mean if everyone wrote 750 words daily and plugged it into the big world of the internet I wonder how many new wordsmiths would arise?

I guess it is just like flossing. You bleed the first time you do it, but over time your gums and your whole body become healthier.

Is word spewing daily like flossing?

Yes, because it is the spaces in between where the most decay can accumulate. If you don’t dislodge those pieces, the bacteria have a food source and can spit acid. Much like those loose degrading thoughts you have in your mind. If you don’t have an opportunity to seek them out and pull them from your thoughts they can compound and affect other aspects of your life just like loosing a tooth will change the way you eat.

That’s the theory at least.

Or what if doing what is uncomfortable and challenging brings about better quality of a person?

Probably not, cause I have done some shitty stuff as of recent.

Also as long as I keep saying Be Bold, you won’t find me talking to that pretty girl on the street.

It is all relative. I would rather try it again than quit. I am still seeking out the meaning to this exercise.

Keep throwing spaghetti, and eventually, a noodle will stick on the wall.

I’ve kept journals in the past two years. How I hate looking at those chicken scratched words of self-delusion. Promising myself that I would do these things and achieve those milestones, yet here I am.

Certainly, some feelings of animosity arise when I confront myself.

Could be worse though.

I am lucky to have the things I have and the opportunities I squander.

Better than the alternative of you know being dead.


The depth of knowledge is dependent on how inquisitive a person can be. The search for the what the why, the when, and the how, can be illustrative to our perspectives.

I have a stable of questions I ask people. Right now there are only three.

1) You are governor of California. You have to choose Cal trans or Law Enforcement for funding. Which do you choose?

2) You have to choose one of three pets, A) koala that can get you meetings with anyone in the world. B) a giraffe that can teleport you anywhere in the world. C) a snake that produces snake oil every month that sells for 987,000,000 a micro liter. Which do you choose?

3) All your bills have been paid; you’ve even put money into savings. How do you spend your last five dollars?

If you look at the answers to those questions, you certainly can gauge a person’s interest and incentives.

I am looking for more questions to ask people. Do you have any?

If so leave them in the comments below.

and as always,

Be Bold,

Live Creatively,

Hang Tough.


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