Ask Better Questions.

When’s the last time you’ve gone blind?

You can’t see the world around you.

Your strongest feeling now paralyzed; you’ve got your other senses to guide you.

Finding your way has never been this challenging, but you love it.

Strength is revealed, that you never knew possible.

Welcome, Everyone, and Happy Easter to those Catholics, and Christians out there.

It’s late, and I’ve had more than a couple of cervezas. Getting close to breaking my streak, but I am closer than ever.

The blessings of discipline.

I am running blind in the fact that I am dispersing this words using only the rhythm of my breathing.

On this day, I’ve certainly felt many things remorse, envy, and happiness. I am approaching something that I can’t quite place my finger upon. Change is in the air.

Responsibility is preparing its fangs.


The opposite of that what if the loose imaginations of mine come true? Oh goodness!

I am getting lost. The beer is sweltering in my belly.

Pain relieving or Pain reviving?

Let me expose a piece of my daily habits.

(Pointless, and inept)

I refresh the Instagram profile of my ex.

Neither positive or negative emotions arise from viewing the profile. I am curious to see when new activity arises, but she has been silent for some time.

There is something awry within me if I do this regularly.

What is the end goal of witnessing from a far distance the progression of someone else’s life?

How does that translate to yourself?

There is a longing to re-establish communication once more. I know that this is counter-intuitive to what mature people do. However, I long for the opportunity to present myself to a former lover as a new better man. Am I alone in seeking approval from someone who discarded you in the past?

What I crave is a something that Henry Rollins talked about. He explains that one of his motivations is proving all the people who said he would be nothing wrong.

As someone who previously disassociated what you want with action, I hardly ever got what I want.

So the ability to tell someone who rejected you before, the opportunity to tell them to piss off offers a certain level of satisfaction.

Shouting into the world.

We are all doing it now.


Because we all need that dose of reality. We feel like we have hardly anything to offer. When we express ourselves and raise a genuine connection growth happens.

Feedback stimulates a reaction of growth either positive or negative.

It’s all in how you interpret it.

I am no longer hiding. I am exposing something to the world. Am I seeking validation, I guess I am.

Ironically I despise when other people do it. I forget that we are machines of self-preservation.

It is when we look at the spaces between our thoughts we reveal who we truly are.

As we all are, we work through issues. Self-medication is the inappropriate way to improve the situation which I am guilty of. Why is it bad? Because you don’t know if you feel better or are just ignoring the problem.

Which is something I’ve repeatedly done for some time?

I’ve created so many false identities, which I don’t know myself anymore.

Which is why I want to throw enough spaghetti on the wall because eventually, some will stick.

I’ve been told to throttle down my expressionist ways. I disagree with that because I feel a weird rush formulating the sentences in the manner which I do.

I used words like

I unno= I don’t know.

I like misconstruing words, yet write a daily blog.

I like to be contradictory or ironic.

It summons a quick burst of laughter from me that I want to share.

Or I could just be a maniac who does things. The good news is, I am leaving a trail of expressions. I can’t figure myself out, but someone else might.

I just hope I don’t hurt anyone on the way. I would much rather help people if I could.

Help people and get paid. Seems contradictory but not impossible.

What determines the outcome is how you define help people.

Everyone else is different.

I want to help people by making my self-stronger first.

The objective is to show others the benefits of a disciplined life.

Hold on; it was a religious holiday today.

Imma holds back these burps of cheesecake and dinner rolls.

I am on vacation give me a break!

But the point is I take these moments of weakness and build upon those temptations to develop a stronger sense of self.

That’s the plan at least.

Thank you for reading.

and as Always,

Hang Tough,
Be Bold,
Live Creatively.


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